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What most of us seldom consider is how intensely complex spiritual life is. Take for example just one hypothetical family and then multiply their elaborate personal inter-connectedness to the globe. To keep this as simple as possible we will assume that everyone in this imaginary family believes in God to one extent or the other. The mother is the matriarch of the entire family, and she is extremely saint-like. The father believes in God, but does not have a true relationship with Y’shua. The three siblings are as follows: The oldest is twenty, female, in college and still living at home, she has a personal relationship with Y’shua, “on her own terms”. The next oldest sibling is sixteen, male, has an understanding of what is required to have a personal relationship with God, and at times has attempted to start one, but the world keeps pulling him back. The youngest is Twelve, female, and she has yet to be convinced that one can have a personal relationship with God.

Now that you have met the family lets setup the situation. The mother has asked God that her family will all become believers and have great relationships with God. That is her utmost desire other than to just serve God. The father and oldest daughter have separately asked God that He provide the family with financial security. The twelve-year-old wants God to make her family happy and stop the parents from arguing. The young boy wants a car and to become a great soccer player.

Certainly, at some point the father and oldest daughter will base their total commitment on whether God has provided financial security to the family or not, never considering that there are any number of reasons that God would not provide the family with financial security. The same can be said for the physical health of the family. Just because one is not healthy does not mean that he/she is not being taken care of by God. The same is true with material goods, whether one has or does not has nothing to do with their relationship with God.

Ever thought about why some people seem to have financial freedom and some do not, or how some people have such healthy lives throughout their family and others do not? Has it ever seemed to you that life just is not fair? We desperately need to begin to understand God outside of the context of this world and what we have been taught to think of as empty and full.

Most certainly you have felt that way at least once or twice in your life, it is normal human nature. However, maybe there is some design in what appears to us to be random chance. What if, God knows what is needed in each of our livesĀ  every single moment, whether we need a challenge or a blessing. Because each can bring a different task into our lives at different times and for different reasons.

The first thing we must consider in every prayer is the Will of God. Because His priorities are not quite the same as ours. God desires for everyone to have a personal relationship with Him that will last forever. We want coffee and a massage. Just look at how Y’shua Messiah taught us how we should pray. In the Gospels of Saint Luke (11:1-4) and Saint Matthew (6:8-13) we can clearly see that our God’s Will is considered before our desires, and that all we should consider as truly necessary is the needs of the present-day. This prayer that Y’shua Messiah details for us is simple for purpose, that we are to Trust our God to provide for our daily needs.

When god deals with each of our lives individually He must do that with collective reasoning because not one of us is an island, and whatever affects our life affects other lives connected to our own. Whatever God does He does it with a single priority and purpose–Salvation. Although, coffee and a massage does sound great, there is just something about living forever with God that sounds much better.

So in the imaginary family, as in our own, God will continue to provide for our daily needs as He leads us into our place in Eternity, and all we have to do is Trust Him to do just that. It is that Trust that will provide us everything we need, and it is that Trust that is behind all the interactions between God and His people.


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