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For the very, very few who occasionally read this blog we have not abandon you, but as we have stated from the beginning, we would only post what we felt very sure was in accordance with the Blessed Holy Spirit’s teachings. We have written numerous drafts in the past two weeks that have yet to be “approved” so to speak, by the Lord; and there are those that were “eaten” by the program while we were writing it–those we considered were rejected by the Blessed Holy Spirit. So just as we will not post without sincere peace from the Blessed Holy Spirit, we will not discontinue this blog without extreme direction from the Lord. Therefore, never think that just because we have not posted in the typical two to three-day time span, that we have quit.

We here at Cepher live, or at least diligently attempt to live, on a day by day basis with our undivided attention on Y’shua Messiah through His GPS gift He gave to us all–the Blessed Holy Spirit. The more we relinquish our attentions, control, and life, over to God the more we see His wonderfully, gentle guidance in our life; and the more we see that Guidance in our life, the more we trust Him for further Guidance. This is a process just as everything else in life is a process that we so often take for granted, and we seldom stop to consider how long things take to develop in our everyday affairs. It is difficult, if not impossible, to think of something significant that we have learned that did not take some time to develop into what it now is in our life.

How many times did God’s hand keep you from harm? How many times did God’s Love direct you into just the right place? How many lives have contacted yours that have been a great blessing in one way or another? For all the various reasons why a human being becomes far more reflective in her/his later years, the objective is the same. That contemplation provides a time when the soul develops ears, and it is at that time when some of the most insightful theories, philosophies, and changes manifest. Coincidence?

It is also a time when a human being begins to realize all the coincidences that are her/his life. Because as we are growing up we seldom, if ever, stop to think; that if the tire had not gone flat …?

That is what it all comes down to–chance or God. Some will consider chance for all things, and some will see God in all things. If the Spirit of God is in your soul you will see God in all things, eventually. If you do not have the Spirit of God in your soul you will consider life by chance. However, just because you do not seem to have the Spirit of God in your soul today, that does not rule out the chance that you will have the Spirit of God in your soul tomorrow.


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  1. Randa Ahmad says:

    When things don’t go your way; have faith in God’s infinite wisdom; you never know what’s around the corner!..

    Thank you for your great article..

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