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What is Trust?

Little by little the citizens of the USA have lost trust in their government, national and local. They have also lost trust in  Corporate America, neighborhoods, churches, Doctors, and little by little we have lost trust in each other. So it is not surprising that few people today have complete trust in God. Unfortunately, trust is an absolute necessity in a relationship with our Creator. Without trust we cannot expect to follow God. Trust in God has always been the main factor in following our God. Without Trust in God Abraham would not have been able to father this Belief. Without Trust in God King David could have never even faced the challenges he faced to allow this Belief to grow. Without Trust in God none of the Prophets would have been able to guide this Belief, and without Trust in God we cannot carry on this Belief.

Unfortunately, Trust is not something this generation is very experienced with, we have had to grow up in an era when Trust was something no one could afford to take a chance with. Therefore, we simply learned to be self-reliant to the extreme so we could have better control of the uncontrollable. Life became so chaotic that even the slightest bit of control, real or imagined, was better than the alternative. So we abandoned Trust altogether in hopes of some sense of security in controlling our own destiny. However, the cost has been horrendous, especially for our children. Our tiny bit of security cost them theirs.

Today, we are realizing just how wrong we were in trading Trust for temporary, and fake, security. Now we must attempt to Trust a God that few of us know and even less of us understand, and yet those are major factors in Trust. To know and understand our God is essential in learning to Trust Him, and that takes time. This is a process that we must go through in hopes of ever obtaining true security and peace here on earth, and in time we will not only learn what Trust is, but also how to Trust in something other than ourselves.


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