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Hello, Diary?

DEAR DIARY,  WHAT THE HECK !!!!!!!!!! It has been 5 months since my commercial was made and the spot has come out BUT I’m not in the spot!!!!!!
Seems they cut me out ! ?
My wife’s job situation has not gotten any better.
My backs still hurts like heck and we have some family issues that are bugging me bad!
However I’m am sitting here watching fall leaves float to the ground in the brightest of colors and praising my GOD for the wonders of life.
To think that a year ago if I were in this place with all these difficulties I would have been drinking my sorrows away. BUT this year with GOD in control I am at peace and know that HE has it all worked out. Don’t get me wrong, I still at times get side ways but now only for moments. I know that I’m going to have to rake the beautiful leaves up and do those things that make up this life. BUT for now I am going to do nothing but enjoy GOD.


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