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The Light

Can you see it?   Do you see it?   It’s right there! Right where it has always been, just one or two steps ahead. Always, just a couple steps ahead. How many times have you thought how nice it would be if you could get close enough to it to confirm that it was exactly what you had been hoping all this time that it was–Him. His Light. The Light of God, the Light of the world. Ever wonder why you cannot seem to get any closer? We have.

What if, The Light is so overwhelming that anyone who looked upon it without protection would not be able to live through it? What if, our God is so overwhelming to mortals that we must first assume the cloak of righteousness in order to not be overwhelmed in God’s presence? What if, that was one of the reasons the Body of Y’shua was used to dampen the glory of our God? Have you read what happened to Moses in God’s presence? Let’s read it together:

Exodus 33:17-23

Do you see the God you serve?

Maybe we were placed on earth to grow into the beings that we need to become through patience and obedience, in order to be in God’s presence with true serenity. You remember what happened to Moses in his encounter with God from a distance while receiving the Ten Commandments; Moses aged somewhat. In each of his encounters with God he had been on this earth for over eighty years, and we seem to think that we should encounter God in ten, forty, sixty years. Maybe we are too impatient. Maybe we do not appreciate the Glory and Grandeur of our God. Maybe we have not taken the time to discover who is our God.

Maybe that is the sole reason why we are on earth–to discover how awesome our God truly is.

Maybe, when we finally meet God we will discover that it really was a good thing that we were not allowed any closer to the Light than where we were, due to the fact that our glory was not a match to His at the time. Maybe the glory we need comes from the glory we are able to see in our God, and that vision comes in time and circumstance.

Do you see the Light?


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