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What have we done?

We have passed our children through the fire and we do not even seem to care. It is impossible not to notice, they’re blood is all over the streets–and on our hands. They’re like dancer painted out to hide the scars, pretending to be joyful while slowly falling to their addictions that we have bought for them to be their baby-sitters.

Have you ever spent the time to truly listen to the songs they listen to? If you did you would see that their dreams are dead, no more truth in happily ever after. They are too smart for the hypocrisy that we lay down as lifestyle. So they are forced to make their own way in a world that is not conducive to subtle individuality, but insists on hedonistic outlandishness, if one wishes to leave the pod. If one is going to make their own way it must be so far from anything recognizable that no one will mistake it for anything other than what it really is–a massive cry for help.

Soon there will be no child left behind. Only soulless adults in the bodies of infants looking through eyes darkened from the blackness that fills their imagination at a world that we have condemned, and only they will be left to take the next generation into the nether world of the future. Make no mistake, they will leave us behind, and rightfully so. Because we participated in the creation of these miracles from Heaven, while in the rapture of the pleasure we were seeking at the time without ever giving a second thought to the responsibilities that would come forth requiring our undivided attention in order to assure every possible opportunity for these little miracles of creation to become the true pall-bearers of the future we have left them.

Our government spends more on making war than making peace. Some of the biggest selling toys are video games involving war and killing. Our economy rewards those who make it to the top with compensation that kings do not even deserve, no matter what they did to get there,i.e., sell drugs, take drugs, defraud others, cheat, steal lie; sell your body, moral and ethics. These are just a few things that our children watch us, and their role-models, participate in to get to the top. We teach them that getting caught committing a crime is the crime, and if you do not get caught–to the victor go the spoils.

Our children learn early that few make it to the top, but it is the top that you want to shoot for, and if you crush those in the middle on your way up, it is their fault for being in the middle–where everyone knows, no one belongs. Our children also learn that there is a pill for every scenario imaginable, that anything that takes time to do is not worth doing. Because, everyone knows technology’s sole purpose on earth is to add time to each day by making all things quick and easy.

Whether you think so or not, this is the legacy that we are leaving our children, and because of it they are on fire. There is no pain worse than burning, and that is all these kids know, everything they do is motivated by that pain. So every time we make another deal, sell another product, buy another thing, or do something else that tends to aggrandize this way of life; we are simply lighting another match.


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