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Down and Out

Why is it that during what is supposed to be one of the most joyful times of the year so many people feel so down and out? It is as if we must work so hard at having an enjoyable time. Maybe it is because we seem to work so hard at everything in our life, which is exactly what the Bible says happened when we lost the Garden. What so many do not know is the fact that we can have the Garden back if we simply accept the Kingdom in its place. Just like the Garden, the Kingdom comes with one simple requirement–acquiescence.

Complete surrendering of ones self to the Trust of God. Most people can understand the methodology behind Trust Funds, where one gives money to another with the trust that the other will make more money for the one by way of the other placing the money in various investments with complete authority over the one. Of course, (hopefully) one does not blindly give money to another without first researching the others’ abilities to make money.

The same is true with God and His Kingdom. We once had the chance to blindly accept God’s authority over us, but we chose the Tree of Knowledge instead. That choice established a set of restriction that we now must follow, namely, self-consciousness. Which leads everything we do until we disconnect our self to our knowledge and begin depending on God’s. For this to occur one must first learn who this God is and little by little begin to trust God for the everyday needs of ones life.

That is why the Bible stresses the importance of patience, because the road back to the Garden through the Kingdom is long, and few stay on it to the end. However, those of us that have been on the road long enough to see the Garden ahead can help others to stay the course even if that means taking a little longer to get there, because that is what the Kingdom is all about.  Let’s not forget what we are here for. Soon we will all be up and in!


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