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Let’s go back to the beginning. Because we have screwed up the present to an irreparable degree. We seem to believe that God is here for us. We also believe that if we work extra hard for God, our lives will be made better. Everything we do is based on one simple premise; making our own life on earth better. Even when we do for others it is still motivated by that same single premise. Let’s go back to the beginning–in Eden–where we had the chance to have God at our side 24-7. There is not a human being on this earth today that would not have eaten from the tree of knowledge, at least we have never met anyone who had ever met such a person.

In the Garden God made a place that simply allowed everyone there to live with God. There was no work needed, there was no souls to be saved, there was no effort at all to life. That is the beginning we are all striving to return to in one way or another. Why? Maybe because that is what our inner spirit was designed for, and the world keeps getting in the way. The first thing that we must do to get back to the Garden is understand what was expected of those who were in the Garden, and that was to simply trust God. However, apparently, that whole trusting bit is not in our DNA, at least not in any dominating context that would allow us human being to easily trust without first testing the water, so to speak.

Here at Cepher we have one aim, that is to allow the Blessed Holy Spirit some Internet time. In that aim we have seen a singular message which consist of learning how to trust God by letting go of this world. In essence, it is a matter of allowing your trust in God to become bigger than your trust in the tree of knowledge. That seems to be extremely difficult for human beings and that is where our God’s great empathy steps up, gently at first, to dislodge us from our trust in the tree and guide us toward His waiting open arms.

That is where we see so much that we consider suffering, i.e., a widower of seven years missing his wife of fifty years, the death of a young child, sickness, and the list goes on and on. The point is whether or not we trust this world that is filled with this type of suffering or we trust in the creator, not of this suffering, but of the Garden where this suffering was never found? How do we trust in God? We first must let go of the tree and all that it is attached to.


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