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Civility is fading within our society, and when it disappears completely we will understand how important it was. One of the reasons Faith has been promoted for so long by civic leaders is the understanding that most society’s leaders have had of its ability to bring about civility. The Bible is about discipline, obedience, societal civility, and at the same time, individuality. It is that strange complex combination of individuality working hand in hand with societal forces that bring about the necessity of Faith to community leaders of the past. That is what we are losing today. The understanding of Faith as the balance of complexity when left alone to mold into whatever a particular community is in need of.

Today’s problem is created by public leaders trying to use Faith as a public divide. Most churches today want to represent the community instead of just their followers. Decades, centuries, and millennia ago when churches were few and normally represented each community it served, there was no problem with competition. However, today with so many churches fighting for followers within each community it is bound to disrupt the natural flow of Spiritual Faith. The competition of churches for followers is not conducive to a natural spiritual flow of Faith.

Make no mistake, there has been a major competition for followers since the beginning of time. It has always been between God’s Spirit and the evil spirit. A spiritual war has been taking its toll on unsuspecting humans for millennia and now has been enlarged and complicated by allies that do not even realize they are in a fight to the death. The evil spirit has been using churches just as it used social networks before churches came into existence, and now has positioned them against each other.

We can never accomplish God’s desire, divided. When we look back at the very first priority of the New Covenant we can see that unity was key. John was sent by God to do what? To bring people together! That is and always will be the priority for believers to follow. Just ask yourself, does society develop unity or conformity? Does it encourage group think or individuality? Does this world predicate unity of the masses or grouping by ethnicity and class?

Before we can address issues like global warming, nuclear disarmament, starvation, homelessness, disease, and the economy, we must come together. Because we cannot help ourselves until we learn to help one another.

Together we can make it, divided…


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