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Though we would begin working on one post with a specific theme in mind, many times we would end up writing a completely different post by the time we were done. We consider this being led by the Blessed Holy Spirit. There is no possible way of proving this theory, and we would never even bother. However, just because something cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it dose not make that something any less plausible. In fact, many factual ideas today were considered impossible fantasy decades and centuries ago. Time confirms all things one way or the other.

In fact, we believe that life is not appreciated today by very many, instead, most are intensely focused on everything but life. Today most people are living for the future, some live in the past, many live strictly for money, power and fame. Few live each day just for the privilege of being alive on that particular day; to live and be thankful for those utterly unique twenty-four hours–one second at a time.

For us here at Cepher, if there is a sure thing to concern our thought with it is the very heart beat that beats the very second that we consider being alive, and that is more than enough reason to jump for joy while we thank the Good Lord for that very beat. There is so very much we do not know about life, this earth, the deep blue sea, and of course, the immense space above our heads (and for some of us, inside our heads). Because there is so much unknown, we think that what few things we know to be true within our own lives should be considered deeply and appreciated the same. Also, we must never stop learning, which requires an open mind and an active curiosity.

However, the most important agenda in life is to live it! This does not require a big production, a great deal of money, or excellent physical conditioning. Appreciation is all you need to live life to its fullest. It is the appreciation that makes life so wonderful. It is the appreciation that makes life so enjoyable, and it is the appreciation that makes life so livable. In that appreciation one learns to live selflessly. In that appreciation one can see life for what it was truly created for. It is in that appreciation of life that one finally finds that one reason for being born.

It is not a matter of what one knows, but what one is capable of learning, that will open ones eyes and begin the appreciation of life. Today, so many lives are wasted either by chasing the brass ring or by the pressure of not chasing it. When in reality, the brass ring holds no bearing on the quality of ones life.


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