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Long infuriatingly frustrating existence–Life.

At birth, before you have had the tiniest of opportunity to do anything bad, you are hit with–teething! Teething! Inflammation in one of the most important, not to mention tender, parts of your young body causing so much pain you think twice about eating and constantly about returning from where you came, just to escape the mind numbing pain! As if that were not enough, just months into your life and on top of the pain in your mouth you begin to feel the tickle of one of the most hideous conditions known to human kind, diaper rash–on the most tender part of your body!

This is just the beginning, but without you knowing it at the time, you are being prepared for existence inside a world that is becoming more violent by the minute. And every species on earth has had to become tougher to adapt to this self-destruction mode that the earth has been kicked into. There was a moment in time when this earth was perfect. Because this earth was designed to respond to the dominant spirit, which just prior to and immediately after the introduction of human beings, was God. Unfortunately, we humans rejected God’s Spirit, and our spirit became the dominant force. It is that spirit today that is continuing to digress bringing the earth along with us.

We would be doomed today had God abandon us to our vices, and simply began again on any one of the zillions of planets that He has created. Not only did God stay with us , but He came down here to show us how to do it right! Of course, we crucified Him. It was not enough that we rejected Him the first time! Who does God think He is, coming here to try and show us how to live in peace, contentment, and love? Besides, who needs that stuff in this world?

There is no doubt that we have more sickness, disease, disasters, wars, and anguish, then any other time in modern history. For every disease science eradicates we create another one worst than the last, and the last one usually comes back worst than it was originally! The powers that be would like to convince us that our future is looking better every day, and for them in a strange way it is. Though, for the average person today, we need God more than ever.

What is “believing in God”?

At Cepher it means loving God with all our heart, soul, and being. It means following King Y’shua Messiah within His very footprints. It means becoming a vessel for the Blessed Holy Spirit to fill up with God’s Agape Love to be poured out over humanity. At Cepher, believing in God simply means trying to be the best human being by displaying compassion, understanding, patience, wisdom and allowing God to live through us. We do that by spending as much time as we can with King Y’shua Messiah learning everything He can teach us about Him.

Believing in God has nothing to do with judging others, passing laws, making money, proselytizing, or segregating. But it has everything to do with living in such a “Way” that reveals in your life a light that is unlike anything else on earth attracting people to seek God. At Cepher we think that the reason there are so many divisions within the church, the country, and the world; and there are so many people who do not know God, is because there are so few vessels to allow Him to be seen.

Time to become “poured out”.

LIFE = Lovely interesting fellowship eternally.     It all depends on where you live!


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  1. Kyran Luhrs says:

    What is faith?
    As the great philosopher Socrates put it,
    “The only thing I know is my ignorance.”
    If you have faith in something, you have no facts or figures to back your faith up, for if you did, it would no longer be faith. It would turn into fact.
    God is not a fact, for we cannot prove, nor disprove His existence.
    So then, if you think you know something for a fact, and that thing is based on faith, your are fundamentally mistaken. Anything you have faith in, you cannot know, for the act of “knowing” takes fact.
    Not to say faith is not important. Some need it, for they cannot cope with there own ignorance. That is fine.
    As for me, I prefer to know that I don’t know, and search for answers, rather than knowing.

    Kyran Luhrs, Founder of The Ivory Tower

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