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A Future To Avoid

Things are moving upon the USA very quickly now and we all must become aware of the changes. Our lifestyles are going to be changing as well, if they have not already, and the sooner we can become acclimated to these new demands the sooner we will be able to live comfortably with the changes.  Some are trying to do things outside of Biblical advice to live by the sword, die by it. Some are trying to stock up with enough supplies to last the coming shortages. The problem with that, outside of not relying on God, is trying to calculate the amount of supplies one may need. How long will you need to maintain on your supplies? Only God knows, and He can and does supply.

One must realize why these changes are occurring in the first place. Nothing on earth happens by chance. We are living in a time of extreme decadence, and it cannot, nor has it ever been allowed, to last. So, as believers we can simply turn to God and ask for His guidance, which He will gladly provide. However, His advice may not be what we would like to hear and we will have to make a decision whether or not to follow God’s advice.

What God has been leading us at Cepher to do is to tighten our belts and begin to learn to live with much less than we have ever done in the past. We are also to learn to be more appreciative with whatever we do have; even if that means a roof over our heads without electricity or running water. Not to imply that it will ever get that bad, although it could. The point is to learn to live inside a much smaller footprint than what we are currently used to.

We may be completely wrong and it will be wonderful if none of these changes come to fruition. However, just in case we are not wrong, or for the fact that as a society we could all benefit from a reduced life style, economic change or no change forcing us to do so, we should at least seek our God’s leadership on this front and follow His response. That is exactly what we are doing at Cepher in a spiritual nature through payer and Biblical history, in an intellectual nature applying Scriptural teachings to worldly activity of our society, and in an emotional nature by following current events within our society and society’s responses.

Here at Cepher, it all points to a very serious problem that the USA has gotten itself into with only one possible solution, which is of course God. He will not abandon His people, but as we have seen so many times before, some situations required a great deal of agony before God’s people finally turned back to their God.


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