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At the risk of redundancy, there is something very special in the uniqueness of life. Something we here at Cepher think most people do not realize. Not that they do not display this uniqueness, but that they fail in realizing its place in their lives. Science tells us that evolution develops unique traits to better the species. That same uniqueness is found in people to a significant degree, however, we do not acknowledge it in ourselves or allow it to better us.

Why is it that some people do wonderfully with a surprise influx of a large amount of money and others do not, though they are almost identical in every meaningful way?

Why do some love, almost to an obsession, the adrenaline rush one receives in highly stressful conditions; when others of very similar physic, and mentality, throw-up at just the thought?

Why do so many people live in urban settings where they find so many things objectionable, and yet, they thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, camping, fresh air, open spaces?

Everyone is born with a specific trait, talent, love; a specific ability to do something that provides a great deal of satisfaction and serenity to that specific individual. For some it appears that the trait develops over time. For others it is recognized very early on, and yet, for some they never find it, which leaves a bitter pit in the center of their lives. Two-hundred years ago there were more people finding their talent, then there were who did not. Today, few even know that they have a talent to exploit, and sadly enough, even fewer of those people ever utilize their talent.

There are so few who find their talent and live with it, but the ones that do are always the most satisfied people one could ever meet. The bible tells us in a number of different places how we should never seek the peace and prosperity of others. The problem today involves people doing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. Too many people are trying to keep up with, or surpass, their neighbor with little or no regards to just being friends with their neighbor. What each person needs to do is to find their soul and attempt to listen to their spirit. People must stop striving after the wind long enough for the Wind to make a difference.

How can you be true to anyone or anything if you cannot be true to yourself? The easiest way to discover ones talent is by asking the Creator of everything.


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