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What Is Life?

Science tells us that our conscience derives from implanted memory from experiences passed on through evolution like the fear of fire and the flight or fight response in primal fears. One would think that since some animals like elephants exhibit an ability to pass on information genetically, and evolution is designed to improve life, maybe we should see more than fear transferred through evolution. Why do we not see every human capable of swimming perfectly at birth since we came from the water and evolution is capable of passing down information like fears, would not it be far more Darwinian if our past evolutionary experiences were used to improve the animal human?

We ask this question in the midst of the newest assumptions from science that says our consciousness is simply a factor of evolutionary productions. If that were true we should see far more improvements in the human being than we see. Also, the fact that for the past five thousand years societies have gone from basic to advanced to basic and back to advanced, until now when we see both basic and advanced societies living side by side.

Just as in religion, we see far too much assumption presented as facts that only leads to more questions than answering some of the most crucial questions. If only spirituality and science could become partners in search of life’s perfections. We would be far more advanced in every aspect of life if we could just humble ourselves and work together. No more, Christians and Muslims, Communists and Capitalists, White and Non-white, Believers and Atheists; just people living and working together with different beliefs, looks, opinions. All of us just trying to learn how to live on this planet as partners, not as competitors. No more titles and labels, all of us will be just people; members of the human race.

We here at Cepher are convinced that though this dream may not be possible, we refuse to be the reason it would not succeed! Everything we do is based on attempting to be as humble as possible by the grace of God, so we never purposely offend anyone, and we try to live as if the dream could begin at any moment.


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