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Evolutionist (Neo-Darwinism) cannot prove their theory to us so why are we (Believers) obligated to prove the existence of God to them? Besides, every time archeology discovers another truth in the Bible it brings science no closer to believing in the Word of God as historical writings. It is as if believers in God ( we are not labeling believers as creationist because there are evolutionist who believe in God, and like those of us at Cepher who believe in a creation through a hybrid evolution) are forced to prove their Faith, while science has no such obligation in proving their theories.

Most people are not aware that science now believes in the existence of a marble size material that weighs in excess of one hundred million tons! Do you know how much faith you must have in your calculations to believe that? Think about it. A marble with that much tonnage; there is nothing on earth that would even give us a glimpse of what that marble would be like! Nothing in nature to even suggest that is possible; only mathematical calculations. Yet, science is convinced! Or at least it would like you to think that all of science is convinced.  We here at Cepher believe in a hybrid evolution so we see science as wonderful, but this is a bit out there! Kind of like the two theoretical physicist who consider it quite possible that tiny Higgs have come back from the future to sabotage the CERN Large Hadron Collider. We could not make this stuff up! We love science!

Here is the problem: So many in science fields are silenced by the atheistic spirit that controls the direction of where science is allowed to go by threatening the futures of young scientists that would like to just know the truth. Similar situations occur in the theological side of academia to be sure, but what is so frustrating is to hear two competing views of life origins both sighting scientific literature!

What can we count on to be absolutely true? What is an absolute truth? One cannot help but wax philosophic when talking about life and existence. That in itself is enough to doubt Neo-Darwinism. Ultimately, truth must be considered individually using ones own experiences, feelings, intelligence, education, and most important time. That is an aspect of truth we humans are very bad at utilizing when trying to determine the truth. Not only can time heal all wounds, but it can also help to uncover the truth. That is, if one is capable of waiting long enough for it.

Here at Cepher we are certain that God does exist. We come to this conclusion utilizing all of the above tools including over five decades of observations. We also know that not every human being will accept that truth, and no matter what we feel it may cost an individual to deny the existence of God, there is nothing we can do about it. We believe that our only obligation is to surrender our life over to God, and never stop trying to discover what surrendering our life over to God truly means. In our opinion, Y’shua Messiah is not just our King, but He is also our example; meaning, He lived on earth exactly how we are expected to live.

Allowing King Y’shua Messiah to, in time, take over our complete body/life. To the extent that we no longer exist, but a new person has risen with my personality and Y’shua Messiah’s disposition. That is the ultimate evolution!


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