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Wind Of Change

No doubt you are feeling the change in the air, and we are not talking about seasons or climate. We are coming out with both barrels praying for the Blessed Holy Spirit’s guidance with this post more than any other we have done thus far! This is important and we have been fasting and praying about this one for months and the words are just rolling off the tips of our fingers, so here we go.

Sweet Y’shua Messiah, please allow your Blessed Holy Spirit to touch this post as never before, and the eyes and hearts that will read it, so all who read this post will learn exactly what You desire. We give this post, this blog, with our lives to You for the sanctification that awaits all who ask. Thank You Sweet, King Y’shua Messiah!

There was a time when the very essence of God hovered over this planet. Genesis 1:2 describes that moment with the Hebrew word “ruah or ruwach” which can mean wind, spirit, or mind of God. At that time, the word could mean all three because there was little or no difference. Today we are probing the outer areas of our solar system and we have yet to determine exactly how consciousness/awareness are products of brain function. Science knows that they are part of the brain chemistry, but exactly how consciousness/awareness establishes itself within the brain is still a mystery.

Two thousand years have passed without any sign of our Messiah’s return, and yet more people are finding God to be real today than ever before! It is not because of wonderful miracles , enormous societal blessings, enlightened men of God, or even because of terrible trials and burdens. None of that has occurred during our time. There is more evidence today being presented against the existence of God then ever before. Yet still, people are finding God in record numbers–truly finding God. It has nothing to do with these big mega-churches that do far more harm than good by creating the Cadillac Christians that are here today and gone tomorrow. But, something is bringing the message of God’s existence to the ears of God’s people.

JOEL 2:28

The Wind of Change has been blowing for more then two millennia from the mouth of God providing all who receive it the ultimate gift of life. Make no mistake, that gentle breeze can become a torrential hurricane if the need arises; and the need is determined by your willingness to succumb to the Will of God. If your name is written in the Book of Life it means that at some point you do relent and choose to believe in God’s existence. Just how much you relent determines how far you go with God. Will you believe in God’s existence and His Authority over you? The sooner you relent, the sooner you begin feeling the Agape Love of God. The closer you allow God to get, the more of that Love you will feel. The more you surrender yourself over to God, the more of God you receive, and that is where the true magic lies.

Here at Cepher, we do not try to sell God to anyone by painting a rosy picture about how great your life becomes once you accept God. We do try to share what we have tangibly received from God in our lives as we completely surrender to Him. We have tried it both ways: the believer’s path that attempts to bring God down to our own little world to make things better just for us, and the follower’s path that surrenders everything over to God and patiently waits on Him. There is no doubt in our minds on which path is more beneficial for us, and that is why we have been following God now for many years. That is also why “we” means the Blessed Holy Spirit and me!

Please, let that Wind pick you up and carry you far from everything the world offers only to have all it offers become a noose around your neck. Let that Wind blow away all your worries, temptations and pain. Let that Wind be the energy in your sails to provide the direction that we all so badly need. Please, allow this Wind to wrap around you like the security blanket that once kept all the monsters at bay. Let this Wind whisper soft words of love and encouragement. But most of all, please allow this Wind to introduce you to the Father you have always hoped for, but thought there could never be someone that could love you unconditionally!

The Wind is here, it always has been. Can you feel it?


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