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Is it wrong to believe in an afterlife?

That question is not as simple as one might think. Especially when one considers what is occurring in Nigeria these days. In this day and age scientist and theologians both assume far more than they have a right to, and their theories and beliefs get presented as facts, which tends to damage their credibility.

Believing in an afterlife is not the problem, however, forcing others to believe in one is. When we try to convince others of the credibility of our own belief or when our belief depends upon others believing also; that is a sign that something is terribly wrong with our own belief.

Here at Cepher we believe that though God accepts responsibility for everything that occurs in nature, God does not actively send locust to eat poor people’s crops. We base this belief from our studies, observations, and what we believe the Blessed Holy Spirit reveals to us. Can we prove this belief? If we could, it would not be faith. Though we constantly study to attempt to find proof, our belief is based on our relationship with God. To share this belief with others and to encourage them to discover it in the Word of God where we have found it, is all that we have a right to do.

Everyone’s relationship with God can be, and usually is very different from on another. With that diversity there are very few categorical truths, and when we begin to teach personal beliefs as universal truths we begin to place our necks inside a millstone with one foot on the dock and the other dangling off the edge. At Cepher we are very committed to our Beliefs, enough to die for them, and at the same time very reluctant to share them with everyone, and we never try to convince others to believe like us. We simply try to introduce others to the same Teacher that is teaching us, which is of course, the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Oh, there is a God and it has been the greatest privilege to have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God’s Son, Y’shua Messiah, that we have ever experienced, and getting to know our Creator’s Son has revealed to us just what a privilege it is; for indeed, many are called, but few are chosen!


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