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Our problems begin when we attempt to bring God down to our level. As we read the Bible we relate what God does and allows, to what we can then get away with in His name. Bringing God down to our level is analogous to climbing K2 in a bathing suit without any equipment. We are closest to God when we are praying. Once you understand who God is you will be less inclined to think He needs your help. The only thing God asks of us is to allow His Agape Love to flow freely through us onto everyone we contact.

Remember, Y’shua Messiah did not tell is disciples to go out to the harvest as reapers, but to pray for God to send workers into the harvest. Y’shua Messiah identifies the harvest as the end of the ages (Matthew 13:39). At the end of the Book of Matthew our Messiah instructs His disciples to teach others to observe all that He had commanded His disciples to follow. That is to live as an example just as our Messiah did while on this earth: nothing more or nothing less.

We become confused when we do not differentiate between what Y’shua Messiah did physically from what Y’shua Messiah did spiritually. What He did spiritually was to surrender His entire being over to God, which is exactly what we are to emulate. What He did physically, going to the lost sheep of Israel, was His exact duty on earth for God. Some of us may have similar duties, but not all of us will. The one portion we all share is being that vessel for the love of God.

Y’shua Messiah, while on this earth, was the exact copy of God’s nature (Hebrews 1:3). Did Y’shua Messiah show us a loving, forgiving nature, or a violent, demanding, ridged demeanor? Was Y’shua Messiah a caring, giving soul or not? What He displayed to us is exactly what we can expect from God and what He expects from us.

Though every knee shall bow, not everyone will serve God; but hopefully that will be due to their own lack of desire or selfishness, and not because of something we do that reflects God as anything less than what He is.


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