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It has been brought to our attention here at Cepher that a very disturbing trend is taking hold that has male believers following a teaching that is not even close to the Gospel of Y’shua Messiah. This teaching is straight from the science text books supporting how man was born the aggressor, the hunter, protector, and that men should feed their physically masculine side.

What does the Bible teach us?

From the beginning when God created human beings He said that the human being was not perfect until He made the female counterpart to the male. The male and female was God’s perfection. That says a great deal about the masculinity of man. Then we can see very quickly with Cain and Able, Esau and Jacob, which male archetype God had intended for His people. Abraham, “She is my sister”; sacrifice his only son. David, dancing in the street with barely a stitch on. Joseph almost being raped by a woman. All the Prophets, and the number one example of all–our Messiah! In every one we see more timidity, passivity, humility, and an extroverted love of God, with a subordinate nature toward God. The fact that many of God’s men loved women has absolutely nothing to do with snake eating, chest pounding, knuckle dragging Neanderthal behavior!

On the contrary, what we see in the Bible with every male follower of God (at some point in time in their life) is quite different from the typical male hunter-protector that the world displays.  No matter what else we may think, it is absolutely obvious that our example that God provided in order that there would no longer be any question in what God considers a perfect man, Y’shua Messiah, is nothing close to the image of the “Marlboro Man”.   And this practice of teaching our children to stand up for themselves if they are picked on is as far from righteous Bible teaching as sacrificing a live chicken!

The life of our Messiah says it all, along with all His words that reinforce how He lived. The Beatitudes, His compassion, forgiveness; and then His cleansing of the Temple of the crooks was a great example that His passivity was completely by choice and not of a physical necessity. There is a reason why the Gay community tries to presume Y’shua’s sexual orientation by His actions. Make no mistake, sexual orientation has nothing whatsoever to do with living life with the passivity of our Messiah. Again, on the contrary, the Book of Matthew chapter 19, clearly shows us our Messiah’s position on sexual relations. His life, as with every follower, is here for the service of God, and God does not need an army to physically fight other human beings that do not believe.


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