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How many of you recognize the name of Nikolaos or AKA Nicolas from your Bible readings? Like most of you we had not paid any attention to this subject written of only once in the Book of Acts, though we have read it thousands of times over the decades. Chapter six verse five discusses Nikolaos with six other top disciples as being the chosen few who would help serve the Apostles and widows. The unique aspect of Nikolaos is with his origin from the Gentiles and becoming a proselyte of Judaism.

Not much is written about Nikolaos other than what we read in this one verse, however, what is written is enough with the help of the Blessed Holy Spirit to tell us a great deal about this very typical human being. As we have already said, Nikolaos was a Gentile proselyte from Antioch which tells us immediately that he had been searching for God long before he found the Apostles. It also tells us that he was desperately seeking God, in order for him to submit to a circumcision at the age one must be before they can become a proselyte.

Can you just imagine that you have been searching for God and you believe that you have found God within the Jewish Faith, however, that will require you to become circumcised. You decide to go for it only later to find out that you found God, but the group you found Him with is going through a reformation and some of the customs that were required for membership no longer apply, namely, circumcision. This obviously did not deter Nikolaos because he became one of the top disciples whom the Apostles chose.

His life mirrors so many of our own lives with the unending effort to find and serve God, only to find that some of the things we participate in are not necessarily needed. Or are they? In Nikolaos’ case, the circumcision may not have been required, but it was indeed a necessary act. Unknown to Nik at the time, the act of circumcision does indeed constitute a step up in hygiene and life style, as does so many other requirements within the Bible.

Even if Nik became a proselyte for any other reason than the one we believe it makes no difference in the story, because the lesson is still to learn to become closer to the Creator of the universe. No matter what we go through as we try to get closer to God as long as we are getting closer to Him that is all that should really matter to us. If we are getting closer to God with every breath we take we should take extreme solace in that fact for that is exactly what we are here for.


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