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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”–Gandhi

For many who read this quote from Gandhi or who hear someone recite it they key into the first sentence and lead their thoughts into a worldly fantasy of living life on the edge. However, for those few of us that read the entire statement and realize the nature of the man who spoke it, we can quickly see that it has continuity with the Bible’s thoughts on life. Where Y’shua’s explanation of how narrow the road to Righteousness truly is, and how so few are those who find it and are able then to walk its narrow elongated path (Matthew 7:14).

We here at Cepher have been on earth for only a few years past a half of century, but one thing is certain, we have learned far more in the second half than we learned in the first half–contrary to popular thought. We do not know if what we have learned could be learned sooner in life, but we think that it is very possible to learn, what we have learned in fifty plus years, in much less time. It all depends on the individual’s attitude. One thing that is most certainly crucial in learning is the application of what has been learned to ones life. No matter how much one learns it is useless until it is applied to ones life.

There is a rolling tremor coming up to the surface of the United States from down deep inside the bowels of Hell. It is inevitable that it will come to the surface, but what is not certain is the outcome. A well informed, intelligent society will simply ride out the shaking; however, any less of a society will react to the shaking with an infantile response that just might take this country into a very dark place.

We here at Cepher will always believe in the power of God to turn something horrible into something wonderful for His people. For that is the God we serve, although, it just seems to be such a shame that this great society would allow this sort of shaking to affect them when all that is needed is a sincere, humble heart and the ability to pray for God’s wisdom and most importantly His Agape Love!

Luke 6:20-49


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