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Racism has existed in human nature since nearly the beginning of human existence. It clearly shows itself in the Book of Acts chapter 11, where the Jewish believers were having difficulty accepting any non-Jewish believers. We even see it demonstrated by our Messiah when He shunned the Syrophoenician women (Mark 7:24-30) by telling her that the Jews come first. However, as we can see in verse 29 that Y’shua did indeed grant her request and healed her daughter has it is apparent that He had every intention to do so in the first place. So why did our Messiah demonstrate such racism in that situation?

We believe that it has to do with order and design; Y’shua stated that God’s chosen people were to get the first opportunity to become members of the Kingdom of Heaven. This was something very different than being chosen God’s people on earth. This was an opportunity to live within a system that would allow the maximum freedom within a restricted boundary. That meant they were allowed to live without the burden of sin while they were attempting to live within the requirements of the Kingdom. This was an unbelievable opportunity and the Jews had the first choices.

The issue is just one of the many that demonstrates how important the Blessed Holy Spirit is to a believer’s life. The very second that Y’shua was resurrected all such preferences were null and void. Our Messiah stated specifically to all believers who would eventually become His followers, to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15) NASB. He did not say that all would follow, on the contrary, however, He did say that all were allowed.

Chapter 11 in the Book of Acts is an excellent example of how important the Blessed Holy Spirit is in the lives of every follower of our Messiah. Only the Blessed Holy Spirit can help us wade through the mired ocean of emotions that exist within our human nature; the very nature that we are required to discard as quickly as we can by surrendering it to our Messiah. That is the most important thing we can do as followers of our Messiah to assist ourselves in our long journey with God inside the Kingdom of Heaven.

It has always been racism at the heart of every war, someone is always better than someone else, differences always mean defectiveness within the realm of racism inside the mind of human nature. It is that nature we must discard to keep us from falling out of the Kingdom of God. Our human nature is the product of generations upon generations of development outside of the Kingdom of God, which makes it anathema to our Messiah, and keeps us from doing what is right. We cannot release ourselves from our human nature without the Blessed Holy Spirit, which takes the place of our human nature as quickly or slowly as we allow it to.


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