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Believers and Followers

For some time now we here at Cepher have been meditating, researching, and finding an immense amount of information both in and out of canonical scripture leading us to understand that there is a considerable difference between a believer in the Messiah and a follower of the Messiah. As always we will attempt to share these finding with you, but once again please remember that this is what the Blessed Holy Spirit has shared with us, and only through the Blessed Holy Spirit should you seek your truths. By all means if these findings sit well within your heart, please still take the time to confirm it all with the Word of God through the Blessed Holy Spirit.

There are many scriptures that discuss the various positions, gifts, assignments, and degrees within the Kingdom of Heaven and throughout spirituality. As with most scripture the information describing the various different placements is always basic and brief. We believe this is done for the purpose of allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit free reign within each and every reader to lead the reader in to the exact truth for that specific reader. Saint Paul’s mention of different levels in Heaven (2 Corinthians 12:2) is just one of the many places in the Bible that requires the reader to research further with the Blessed Holy Spirit to define the meaning, and the meaning could be different with specific readers.

Some of these finding are anecdotal, such as the times when the Messiah has just His Apostles, or even just a portion of the Apostles with Him when He shares information or when the scriptures make note of how the Apostles were treated so very differently by the rest of the membership. Yet, other findings show the difference is instructed as in Luke 9:57-62, where the Messiah states emphatically that there are different actions one must take to be a follower of the Messiah.

Following the Messiah begins first with belief, and then as time goes on one can become motivated to do more than just believe that there is a God that loves beyond human comprehension. Therefore, though there is a difference between those who believe in God and those who follow God, it may be nothing more than steps in a process. However, whether the difference is stages or choices, it is the difference that we are focused on in this post. Because there is such a great difference between someone who believes in God, from someone who follows God with all her heart and soul–a very big difference–we are certain that to be a follower is what our ultimate goal must be.

Few will argue with the observation that people naturally see things differently, and that difference is magnified by the different positions that people have in life, i.e.their perspective. We here at Cepher have spent many years trying to abandon our lives completely over to the authority of the Messiah. In that endeavor we have discovered a perspective of life that is extremely different from the outlook we once had. It is one of obedience, discipline, confidence, contentment, and most of all peace and humility. These traits together makeup the essence of what walking with God while following the Messiah is all about.

Why is there such a difference between Christians today?


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  1. Brother says:

    How true, how true –keep listening to the HOLY SPIRIT you are on the RIGHT WAY.

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