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Diary 9/22/09

It’s been 13 days since my last diary entry. Almost two weeks of day in – day out ordinary life struggle stuff.
Thirteen days of good and bad.
My wife has not lost her job – Good. But there is still the chance – Bad.
I just celebrated my 56th birthday – Good. My body feels like 76 – Bad.
Just got a check for $ 100.00 – Good. My truck needs $ 200.00 of work – Bad.
I look at the good stuff and praise GOD.
I look at the bad and realize: my wife loves me and  JESUS – Very Good.
My body hurts but I’m alive and I can get around without help ( unlike that guy I saw in the motorized wheelchair ) – Very Good.
My truck needs work but it’s my truck that I own and I can get around without any hassle – Very Good.
Thank you GOD for the Good and the Very Good in my life.
Also – thanks for being so patient with me FATHER !!


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