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Just as Gaius Julius Caesar stated the above, “We came, we saw, we conquered”, he also stated that “Men willing believe what they wish”, and as quotes goes these two say it all for the United States and mankind. I use the term “mankind” specifically because until recently these two statements were truer for men than for women. For women, “conquering” was the last thing they would naturally partake in, and women were, until recently, less inclined to positive thinking. They tended to live in the now, in reality; they were more apt to work out their problems through reason, and not wishful thinking or brute force. Why this is relevant today is quite simple:

Times are changing, women are changing, and the outlook for women has changed; therefore, we see in the Bible where it is said that women will encompass men (Jeremiah 31:22), and if there were ever a time for women to take their rightful place beside men, now would be about that time. This country and world can greatly benefit from a woman’s perspective now more than ever. In government, in law, in corporations, in education, and the list goes on. What is crucial though, is for these women to remember that it is their female perspective that is so desperately needed, and not a man’s perspective through a woman’s view point. This last point is very important, as we have already stated, women have already undergone numerous changes while trying to get into, and adapt to, a man’s world. This is not needed or recommended due to the dire need this earth now has for a true woman’s touch.

Does this amount to allowing women to take charge of everything? Not necessarily. What is needed is a working partnership of an equal sort between women and men in every aspect of our society. In this country alone women account for better than half of the population, and it is about time for that ratio to be displayed within supervisory and authoritative positions everywhere within the private and public sectors.

How ?

Prayer and an unbending, committed, complete surrender to Y’shua Messiah. To allow the Blessed Holy Spirit full control of your entire life. If women do not do this one mandatory requirement, women will end up failing just as their male counterparts have. Life is complicated! Life needs to follow a set direction for there to be peace, and the only direction one can receive in life is from God. There is only one way to do this–God. God must be your source for your entire life, everything that is involved with your life is given to God to control and direct. By allowing God to lead your steps you can avoid this.


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