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Two things are troubling our spiritual society today: The first and probably the most destructive is our lack of prayer. The second and a major contributor to the first is the dating of the Book of Revelation. Now for sure there are those of you scratching your heads asking yourselves “I understand about the prayer aspect, but what are they talking about with the Book of Revelation?” Please lets us briefly explain, the second problem first.

When Saint John received and wrote the very first addition of the Book of Revelation is one of the most important pieces of information in all things pertaining to our Messiah today. The reason for this is a matter of content; if Saint John received and wrote the first addition of the Book of Revelation before the fall of Jerusalem, then nearly all the theological scholars agree that He would have written it for his contemporaries. If that is the case then we must reconsider the current opinion from the late date theory that someone claiming to bring peace to the world today is the Antichrist.

If we look at the counter factual argument in history concerning the Christian movement in the past thousand years we can see that under the assumption that the Book of Revelation was written for the first century we would not have seen the crusades, because there would be no need to protect and possess the Holy Land. Taking the early date of Revelation along with the historic writings of Josephus and we see that God had completely abandoned the land of Israel. In Josephus we also see all of the prophetic supernatural “signs in the sky” that our Messiah had predicted to precede the fall of the Temple and Jerusalem. The end of that age and the beginning of the new Covenant!

Of course, it is impossible to determine what would or would not have occurred had the early date of Revelation been  widely accepted a thousand years ago. However, we can unequivocally state how flimsy the evidence is that leads some scholars to be late date advocates. As well, we can see the massive benefit to the Catholic Church and to Judaism in believing the late date argument. What we are not seeing is the horrible effect the late date has had on faith. Today if someone comes preaching world peace the majority of Christians will claim that person is the Antichrist. Where does that leave us? In a world of hurt much like the one we are in today.

That leads us into the problem with prayer. Who will pray for the USA if every time someone speaks about world peace we invoke the Antichrist? Who will pray for our soldiers if so many of today’s Christians believe that there must be a final physical battle involving real live soldiers before our God will return? Who will pray for the health of this nation and the world when so many believers think that it is God’s judgment on this earth to burn? Who will pray for change when we look at technology as a tool of the devil? The Puritans would not have come to their so called “New Jerusalem” without the technology of that time–ships and navigation. Do you think that the Puritans looked at the ships as tools of Satan?

Of course, we are not speaking as if all must agree in order for the prayers to work. We are speaking under the assumption that if you believe war is a tool of God you would be less inclined to pray for it to cease. Faith is about one thing more than anything else–Love. Love for God and the Agape Love of God! And if we cannot come together on that one idea then we are truly pathetic beings–shame on us.

If we read the Book of Revelation with the eyes of the Blessed Holy Spirit and the heart of our Messiah we will easily see truth in the pages. It comes down to a single concept; either we serve a loving, caring, compassionate God that wants to bless His children and increase His family or we serve a god of vengeance, war, and fear who rules with an iron, unforgiving fist. Does your God have and open hand or a closed fist?

We do not want to try and provide a complete explanation of an early date belief here for fear of going way beyond the 500-700 words (as we already have) we try to keep our post at. However, we would be glad to either continue this discussion on further posts or privately, along with a list of excellent reading material on the subject of early date Revelation.


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