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Proverbs 26:20-27

In the Book of James chapter three we can see just how important controlling hypocrisy is within a spiritual life. Because in a spiritual life there is far more at stake than in a worldly life. Unfortunately, we have not taken any of this to heart and it has cost us a great deal, but woe to us because it will cost our children so much more! If we have learned anything up to this point in our lives hopefully it will be that we have learned how horribly destructive hypocrisy has been over the years, how destructive it is and always will be.

As followers of the Messiah, in the power of the Blessed Holy Spirit, by the Grace of our God, we must begin to walk in the Way that Y’shua provided for us as an example through His actions and instructions. By returning to the Bible to the very basics of love and obedience, living every day as if our Lord was returning that very minute to inspect our efforts and call us Home. We can no longer live as  people with various personalities while we are in public, in private, or are alone; in each circumstance as a different person, pretending to be a someone else in public than we are in private. That is the very lifestyle that created what we are living through today with half of the believers and all the non-believers living contrary to God’s design.

It is not necessary to list each individual case where a leading believer faltered causing untold damage and cynicism. Or such incidents where leading believers are taking millions of believers down the same path that others have gone before, which is the path that claims that violence is a tool of God and can be used by His followers effectively in the service of God. Because in every incidence of disastrous spirituality the fault has been the absence of God’s Agape Love. By simply coming back to God’s Love will give us everything we need to live a hypocrisy free spiritual life for God, in our Messiah Y’shua, with the power of the Blessed Holy Spirit!


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