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Scorpion and Toad

An ancient tale of philosophy is a favorite here at Cepher where the study of human nature goes hand and hand with the study of Scripture. So we thought it was the right time to recite the tale of the scorpion and the toad to all those who may have forgotten or never heard the story, it goes something like this:

One fine early spring day Mrs. Toad was enjoying her daily swim in the community pond that was normally vacant in the early spring mornings as it was this day. This swim was even more pleasant to Mrs. Toad since her tadpoles had all grown legs and have since left for greener sites, as it were, last summer.  Oh the day was so grand and the swim ever so delightful that Mr. Scorpion had crawled right up to the edge of the pond without so much as Mrs. Toad even realizing that he had appeared until he began to speak to her.

Startling Mrs. Toad nearly out of the water with this greeting, “What a blessing it is to see you this morning not only, but that you be swimming as well.” The few seconds it took Mrs. Toad to recover her breath before she could respond to such a frightful and strange greeting allowed Mr. Scorpion to continue his impromptu colloquy. “Dear Mrs Toad, you are so lovely this wonderful day I cannot discern between your beauty and the eloquence of this fine day. I certainly hope I did not surprise you too terribly.”

This extra exchange from Mr. Scorpion was all Mrs. Toad needed to regain her composure enough to answer him. “Dear Mr. Scorpion, I thank you for your concern, but assure you that is it mislead greatly within your strange conversation. What is it that you want?”

“Well Mrs. Toad, you cut me to the quick with your fine ability to see right through the individual to the need inside.”

“What need is that?” Quipped Mrs. Toad

“My need, Mrs. Toad is indeed dire. Such as one that should hamper no one ever. I am at my wits end in that I must get to my child as quickly as possible for I fear she is in difficulty. For early this morning a good friend of both of ours, Red Robin alighted at my doorstep only to relate a horrible account of my child and an accident of grave proportion.”

“Oh my dear Mister, I am so sorry to hear such news if I can be of assistance you are to but ask.”

“I had so hoped that you were to say that and that is the very reason that I found you here today, it was fate indeed. Because what I need now more than anything else is a lift to the other side of this pond to get me on my most dire trip as quickly as possible.”

And with that Mrs. Toad’s heart stopped for a beat before she answered him. “Oh Mr. Scorpion, I want so much to help your cause, but you know yourself that your kind and my kind may never be in touching premises for the dangers that holds for my kind.”

“I am absolutely aware of your concerns Mrs. Toad, but you must certainly realize that if I were to harm you in any way it would certainly mean doom to my own child!”

Mrs. Toad could not resist the pang inside her heart she felt for Mr. Scorpion’s child and she agreed to take him on her back across the pond, but half way there she felt a massive burning pain deep inside her neck and realized what had just occurred. “Oh Mr. Scorpion what have you just done? For not only have you killed me, but you have killed your child and yourself has well!”

Mr. Scorpion looked down into her eyes and she could see his tears rolling off is face as he said, “I know, it is just my nature.”


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