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This is where it all goes wrong, where a great human being devolves into a descent human being. Where a great nation becomes a good nation. Where great believers stumble into being good believers. Yet you ask; “What is wrong with being good?” Everything is wrong with being good when we were created to be great! This is where it all goes wrong.

Everything begins with the individual, and that individual begins at home–wherever that home may be. This is where it all goes wrong. Commitment, ethics, trust, morals, integrity, just words that are seldom spoken and rarely used to the extent that they were decades ago. At a time when a handshake mattered, when a person’s word was a bond, when people had trust for one another; a time long gone.

The divorce rate in America today is 50%! For every couple that get married today there will be a couple filing for divorce. Athletes make a commitment to a college specifically for the coach only to have the coach leave soon after the athlete arrives even though the coach promised that would not occur. Politicians are voted into office for a specific amount of time only to leave for greener pastures before the term is expired. On and on it goes; there is nothing and no one on earth that you can depend on 100%. Because all are more concerned with their selves.

That is just one of the countless reasons we love and serve Y’shua Messiah, and why we place Him above all. Our Lord has already proven to be completely reliable, therefore, He will never let us down, disappoint us, or mislead us no matter what we do to Him. Agape Love is beyond human comprehension, but it is not impossible for us to allow it to flow through us if we desire. If it flows through us others will feel it! If others feel it, it will eventually come back to us!

We are all Abraham’s children! If Abraham’s love for God was shown through his will to give God the most important thing in Abraham’s life, we can expect nothing less. Today there is nothing more important in life then our own lives and that is what we must give to God if we love Him as Abraham loved Him. God does not ask this of us for His pleasure, but for ours. God simply wants to share His love with others who can appreciate it to the extent that His love deserves. Do you not think that God has already found millions of such people over the many millennia that life has already traveled? This surrendering of ourselves is not for God as much as it is for us.

God already showed us the “Way” by coming down to earth as a human being and doing exactly what He requires of us.


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