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Atomic City

As a citizen of Atomic City, Atom manufactures and sells ball-bearings in three sizes–small, medium, and large. The ball-bearing is a crucial piece of equipment in Atomic City, and without them the city would come to a stand still. One day Atom wanted to buy a motorcycle, but he did not have enough money. So, Atom decided to raise the prices of his ball-bearings; and he bought a nice motorcycle.

Unfortunately, Atomic City Electric Company could not afford to buy Atom’s ball-bearings at the new price unless it too raised prices to adjust to the increased cost. That of course lead the other companies of Atomic City to raise their prices so they could afford the higher cost of electricity. This eventually lead to Atom being forced to raise the price of ball-bearings again to pay for the increased cost of electricity and all the other increased expenses.

Simple to see where this little story is going, but what it amounts too is the reason the Founding Fathers explicitly stated that without a principled society capitalism would not function well. “Supply and Demand” died out decades ago and something called greed took its place. Our founding Fathers never envisioned making the kind of money that some make or the way they make it today! We are constantly re-creating new ways to make money in large ever increasing amounts–without any ethical considerations. In fact the only consideration that is brought to the table today is how to make more money!

As believers in King Y’shua Messiah we are better than this! We need to encourage each other and help ourselves out of this vicious cycle with the Grace of God by the power of the Blessed Holy Spirit! It is not that difficult if we surrender to God. We can do it, and we will!


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