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Diary For God

I realize ( now ) that this diary is not to log the journey of my acting career but my life with GOD. I was going to say that there would be no more Johnny’s Journey, because I realize that there would be duplication of thought. But I also know now that we never say never.
We give each day to the HOLY SPIRIT and take it one day at a time.
So for now I have been led by GOD to concentrate on the Diary so as to share some insight.
Why the change in heart? Because the MOST HIGH GOD, our SAVIOR, FRIEND, HOPE, LOVE, LIFE our PAPA is at work in me as HE has been since the beginning of time.
HIS new lesson is nothing new. It’s what I’ve known, preached, thought, tried to live for all these years___ Draw close to GOD and HE will draw close to you. ( James 4:8 )
Do not make this life and world # 1. GOD is the priority.
Merciful GOD how many times must I come back to square 1??????
My brother tells me that I don’t go back to square 1 but  maybe  1& 7/8th.
So we do make some progress and it’s true. I’m not the A-hole I was a year ago and I’m much better than 10 years ago. So maybe I am closer to square 2.
But I long for square 10.
In the mean time I log my journey of progress at GOD’S pace.


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