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Does God Cause Suffering?

How many times has God been blamed for Birth defects, hurricanes, psychotic serial killers or the common cold? Why? Because human beings have an innate understanding that nothing happens by chance and there is a reason for everything that occurs in life. Here at Cepher we believe the Blessed Holy Spirit has shown us that God accepts the responsibility of everything that is life because He designed life to function in a specific way. Therefore, the Bible speaks of God’s wrath by way of acknowledging His responsibility and authority, not demonstrating His demeanor. Just as when the Bible speaks of God’s rod, it is a reference to God’s authority, His scepter–Hebrew word shebet–and not a source of physical punishment. The rod can be used for striking, or it can be a symbol of authority. How one uses a rod depends upon their demeanor!

God is love, and just as with a parent’s love there are regulations that have consequences if not followed. No one would suggest that a parent allow their child to do whatever it desires from the time the child is born and throughout the child’s life. It is the same with our Creator; like it or not, this world we live in has regulations and when those regulations are not followed, consequences result. Such as the discharge of raw sewage into the waterways and surrounding areas, which will eventually result in massive contamination of the natural resources. Not to mention the massive negative effects on human health!

Throughout the Bible, specifically in the Old Testament, we can see a paternal-like effort to instruct God’s children to live in a specific way. We now know through science that those regulations–commandments–from God were complete with excellent advice for a long and happy life, if one followed those commands. Even today if we were to follow God’s ways we would not have nearly the problems that we are faced with today.

Without a doubt there are commands in the Bible from God that make little sense to us today, however, certainly there were reasons for every item in God’s instructions. After all, seeing so many righteous commands that God’s people had three thousand years before they were discovered to be scientifically substantial for healthy living! So as far as commands that we cannot understand it would be fullish for us to think that our God is sadistic, and we are required to have faith. Therefore, just maybe thousands of years ago people and life were slightly different then they are today requiring different approaches.

Would we have an HIV epidemic if we did not have extensive homosexual activity along with out-of-control sexuality?

Cause and effect. Touch an open flame and get burned. Does that mean fire is bad or that God has punished someone for toughing fire? It is simply the laws that God has designed into the system that He created for His people to live within! Call them what you may– Laws of nature, Laws of thermodynamics, Laws of physics, whatever you wish to refer to them as they are God’s laws and they work! Where would we be today without fire? Just like everything God created, if we use it according to God’s recommendations fire can be extremely helpful in our lives. However, use it outsides God’s parameters and someone will get burned.

Ever since we chose the Tree of Knowledge we have been making the wrong choices, and that simple fact has cost us dearly. Until we learn that it is us and not God destroying ourselves and this planet, we will continue to suffer. Some may think that all these regulations and requirements are just a bit much, and they would be right. However, all of these requirements are from our choice to live with the Tree of Knowledge instead of with God.


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  1. God's Daughter says:

    Thank you for trying to tackle such a difficult subject, but I’m not so sure that “God accepts the responsibily of everything that is life”. I believe that we pay the consequences, good or bad, for our choices. We are responsible for our choices. Hopefully we choose God’s will for our life. God bless you for sharing your insights from God’s Word.

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