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It is a word hardly understood anymore, rarely used with sincerity, and never applied. That is exactly why the USA is in for a major shaking. This is not a prophetic statement. If history teaches us anything it should be obvious to see that before the fall of every empire prior the USA, accountability fell first.

For decades now we have been working under the assumption that a very powerful system was functioning under the skin of governments and out of sight of the general public. If you talked about this premise in public you were labeled a conspiracy nut, much like stating an opinion that the Palestinians in Israel are treated horribly, which automatically makes you an anti-Semite. Neither labels address the stated problems, instead they are created to simply shut down the conversation. Call this powerful system what ever you would like: The Illuminati, The Military Industrial Complex, Corporatocracy, or the Jewish Banking Cabal. We have all heard the whispers and wondered ourselves if it could be true. Some of us cannot shake the “feeling” that something is out there–evil.

Here in the US we have developed an outlook–by design–that we here at Cepher call the “Ostrich View”. Implemented when we are confronted with an overwhelming possibility with substantial evidential findings, instead of looking deeper into the facts of the possibility we simply label the whole event unfounded to relieve us from the responsibility of confirming the facts and facing the dilemma. That outlook is due to the fact that we feel helpless and vulnerable if some powerful group has a major say within our government. It is much easier to say it does not exist than to prove it does and than be forced to confront it. What would we do? Who would we go to?

Accountability, a very important word and an even more important concept. At Cepher we realized that our family is very similar to any social group from church to a nation; it is the sum of it parts. A family reflects the personality of the parents, and the same is true with the relationship between the husband and wife. It is much easier for the wife to be up-beat, congenial, honest, caring and loving, if the husband displays those qualities. That carries through to the children to an extent, and that carries over to the friends they all socialize with. It is not by chance that intellectual parents raise smart children, just as the opposite is also true.

What we are describing is very simple and obvious. We can no longer wait for our neighbor to become accountable before we become accountable. If we do not quickly begin to realize and accept that everyone of us is responsible for the actions and directions of this country/planet it will be to late. Otherwise we will be forced to accept responsibility because it will be this entire country that is in trouble and only those at the very top–the .01%–that have homes and finances all over the globe will escape the pain–and that is all they will escape.

There is no easy fix, and it may already be too late; ultimately, those of us who have a relationship with King Yshua will have the Peace of God and the Blessed Holy Spirit to comfort us and help us through. That is most certainly not a reason to develop a relationship with Yshua Messiah, but it is definitely a great benefit! There should be no doubt in most people’s hearts that the USA has taken a turn for the worst, and yet the more you know about the History of this country the more you realize how slight that turn actual was.


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