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In The Beginning…

John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  NASB

That one little verse has been interpreted more times and in more different meanings than there are words in that verse! The problem with Faith is the exact same problem with government, churches, societies and the like; the problem is, was and always will be–people! Human beings! Even the simplest of minds can look at the history of civilization and see that the human being is problematic. It is in our DNA! From the Israelites roaming in the desert for forty years, to WWI, Two, and Three. We have problems living with others.

Our Creator made this planet for one reason, competition. We were created to choose between this planet or what’s behind door number 3–an eternal relationship with Love. God wants a relationship with a being who desires a relationship with Him. We were not made for a relationship with God, we were made to choose to have a relationship with God. There is a significant difference between the two. If we were made for a relationship with God, there would be no hesitation in doing so, nor would there be any difficulty in maintenance of that relationship even with Satan attempting to destroy it. Nor would we have problems with any relationship! We were designed to be capable of having and maintaining a relationship with God, but that is not the same as being specifically designed to have a relationship with God.

If you consider a very rich individual that wanted to have a life long platonic relationship with others, it would be very difficult for this individual to determine who wanted to have a relationship with him from those who wanted to have a relationship with this person’s money.  A very crude analogy, but you can get the picture. Of course, with God knowing all things He is not the one who needs to know why we come to Him. We are the ones in the relationship who must acknowledge why we desire God’s attention. Is it for His wonderful power to grant us all things under the sun, or do we come to God because He loves us so much and we wish to reciprocate that love?

True followers of Y’shua Messiah–God–by the power of the Blessed Holy Spirit, should be a benefit to every society they belong to i.e., loving, caring, compassionate, kind, non-judgmental, honest, ethical, fair, and always thinking more about others than themselves. As Gandhi said and Y’shua demonstrated; my message is my life!


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