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The Coin

Today’s reading here at Cepher was Matthew 17 which included verse 27 where Yshua Messiah instructs Saint Peter to go fishing for their taxes! That has always fascinated us because of any number of anomalies in our own belief about the interactions of this world and the spiritual world. Namely, why did Saint Peter not just hold his hand out and ask Yshua Messiah to manifest a coin onto his palm? There is no doubt, theologically speaking, that to create a coin from thin air was completely within the Messiah’s abilities, i.e. water to wine, the loaves of bread, calming the sea, raising the dead, and on and on and on. So why not the coin?

Here at Cepher the answer has everything to do with why we were created and nothing to do with the Messiah’s abilities. Why Yshua did not just drop a coin into Saint Peter’s hand is the same reason why we just do not turn into obedient followers of God over night after we have professed our devotion. It is the same reason that God placed the Tree of Knowledge within the Garden of Eden. Because we were created by God as the only beings in life that could choose to love Him. Everything on this planet is designed around that premise.

We are creatures of habit, even though elephants can pass knowledge through their genes, human beings cannot. We must learn everything through experience, and the most important thing for us to learn is who our Creator is. It is not what God can do for us , but what God will do for us. There is nothing God cannot do, However, what God will do is always based on our relationship with Him.

For what ever the reason Saint Peter had to go fishing for that coin, one thing can be certain, it was an act that was needed to secure our relationship with Yshua Messiah. That scripture shows us that until every name in the Book of Life has a corresponding person attached to it we must continue to cross every “T”, and dot every “I” before this story is sent to the Publisher.


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