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Are we aware of what our wars are doing? As people who believe in Jesus, are we aware of what the wars our country is involved in are doing to all those involved? We here at Cepher cannot sleep well at night because of these wars and what our country is turning into. To most believers the war is a fight between the good angels and the bad devils.

It is time to understand who is really affected in these wars. Or consider the thoughts of many in and out of the military.And with those thoughts in mind consider, if you will, those who really suffer, apart from our military personnel, their family and loved ones, the poor, innocent citizens of the countries we are involved in.

People, brothers and sisters, please understandwe as believers will be held accountable for our attitudes and actions! Can you imagine what impact we would have if every believer E-mailed their Congressperson to reject the idea that we can control, through military might, other country’s citizens?

If the Word of God teaches us anything it should teach us that the end never justify the mean. Therefore, no matter why you think our military is in other countries, as a believer and follower of the Messiah you should ask what Yshua thinks.

We here at Cepher do not take lightly the sharing of strong opinion,  and only do so when we feel intensely directed by the Blessed Holy Spirit as we do in this post. Please check your spirit and ask yourself if these words above of Yshua Messiah(Luke 6:27-38) mean the same thing to you as they mean to us. If they do not we ask your forgiveness for our zealous behavior; but if these words of the Lord mean the same to you as they do us, please do not wait another moment. Use the link and contact your elected official and/or what the Blessed Holy Spirit leads you to do.


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