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Diary 6

Found myself watching commercials during the Hall of Fame Bowl to see if mine would come up–find myself focused on this new adventure in life—I amaze myself !!!
I have dedicated my life to GOD, gone to prayer meetings, bible studies, workshops and retreats. Fasted, prayed, cried, sung to GOD. Read the bible 3 times through and over 100 books related to GOD. I have come to the rock solid truth that we can do nothing but surrender and wait for GOD to work HIS way in us.
BUT – you do not pray surrender or think surrender or speak surrender – you become surrendered – you become surrendered – you become surrendered !!!!!
It is a process- yes you come to GOD and pray and believe BUT HE will work in you ( Phil. 2:13 ) – ( 1 Thess. 5:24 ) what you are to become–we are to just believe and trust day by day.
And it is one day at a time—1 day turns to 2 and then 3 and 3 days turns to a week and then 8 months and then I asked ” what the heck is going on ??? !!!!! ” because to me there was nothing but for GOD there was everything. I am reminded that Moses waited on GOD for 40 years and King David was anointed King but waited 15 years to see it come to be.
On thru the bible GOD shows us ( to prepare us ) that His ways are not ours. And as we wait we are not to get sideways or travel into left field  to find our place or cause or calling.
Once you except GOD’S  ways you wait where you are until HE moves you.
But it’s tough, we think that we should do something, to go somewhere, and for us to have to go through the same old ordinary routine is not what we want — it’s not what I want !!!!
Then HE reminds me that it’s not about me.
In many ways it is because GOD so wants for me to be perfect and complete that HE centers HIMSELF around our life 24 / 7. BUT it is still about HIM – HIS GLORY , HIS WAY.
So when I get side ways and start planning my next move, venture, journey – I’m reminded
” TRUST ME ” ” ABIDE in ME ” make ME your focus and not yourself or your family or your job or your life but focus on ME and all these other things will fall into place perfectly.
( Matt. 6:33 )
So if you find yourself like me – pre-occupied with yourself and your world –get on your knees and thank GOD that HE is so loving.

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