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Diary 5

When you get tired of falling, get fed up with all the bad you have created in your life and the lives of others; that will be the time for you ( like me ) when you give up, surrender, release and relinquish all to JESUS and true life will begin.
HE will be GOD to you and others around you and you will be responsible for nothing except to be wrapped up in GOD 24 / 7.
This does not mean you will sail through life on a cloud (there will be still some bad times) but now GOD is in control and you just know that all things work out for your good (Romans 8:28). Yeah, pride has a way of really bringing out the worst in a man, I know, I’ve been there many a times and the other day on the Universal Studio lot I felt just like John Wayne for just a minute or two – till the world slapped me across the face (First I was J.Wayne 50yrs ago, then J.Wayne today).
Like I said , you will just have to wait till the commercial comes out in a few weeks and you will know why I just laugh at myself now. You will too. Till next time GOD bless.


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