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Diary 4

Yeah, I get sideways some times–mostly cause I don’t listen to the HOLY SPIRIT and do my own thing. I told you I learned something from my Hollywood journey. Told you to don’t play GOD, don’t get wrapped up in yourself, to humble yourself or you would get slapped–not by God, but by life.
Why? Why humble yourself?
What does GOD say?
2 Chronicles 7:14 – ” if MY people who are called by MY name will HUMBLE themselves-”
1 Peter 5:6 – ” Therefore HUMBLE yourself – ”
Isaiah 57:15 ” HUMBLE spirit – ”
Romans 12:16 – ” Do not set your mind on the high things but associate with the HUMBLE”

HUMBLE, HUMBLED, HUMBLES, HUMILITY over and over it is written by GOD for our benefit, our well being, our right relationship to others and GOD.

Pride the opposite of humility is the foundation of what I believe is the true problem with man. The pride of man the pride of Satan–is this not the start of sin?
If you hold on to your right to yourself, if you want to be your own god or god for others in your life then there is no place for the TRUE GOD to be.
If you think this, if you think to highly of yourself I can guarantee that at some point you will fall, fail, be brought down.
Now at this point you can pick yourself up and keep on trying or you can surrender your life and throne to the TRUE GOD.


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