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Diary III

Give up your right to yourself — you are not going to make it anyway, despite what is preached today from Wall Street, the Nations Capitol, the church of prosperity or Hollywood,
man CAN NOT play GOD!
JESUS said: ” I AM the WAY,the TRUTH,and the LIFE.”
While you are on THE WAY listen, learn from HIM and every circumstance will lend itself for a lesson in true life.
Stay HUMBLE do not get wrapped up in yourself or you just might get slapped in the face and made the fool!
I will explain the meaning of this to you come this football season, till next time GOD bless.

Some times when we get side ways there is a reason.
I was thinking that if the commercial or show biz thing is not really the goal that GOD has in mind then it must have a lesson in it some where.

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