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DIARY entry 2:

                     Last week I was all jazzed about being on the lot of Universal Studios for the commercial I shot and then reality set in– That was last week, what about this week, what about today? What great thrill can I expect today, right now?
That’s the thing about life-” what goes up,must come down ” !
We know that. Heard it , seen it, experienced it BUT we still think that some how this will be different. We will be different because we are special–is that not what we teach in the class room, at home and on the game field.
We all think that some how the high will keep going, if not forever then at least for a long time.  NOTtttttttttttt !
Because even if you do stay on top longer you will soon get bored and want to move on to something else-you want more. We are wired that way because for most of us we are directed towards HEAVEN and GOD’s presence and to be here in this imperfect world is a let down.
Only thing is that we do not focus then on GOD but place more time , energy, and blood sweat and tears into this life and world.
Some do accept the fact that we need GOD but still ask HIM to come down and make this world HEAVEN for us. We have it backwards–we need to ask GOD to take us into HIS presence in this world and guide us to the next with out a care in how HE accomplishes this. BUT NO– we still get so wrapped up in this world with it’s hurt and pain and bad and death— we are such fools and I am the king.
Please forgive me LORD JESUS for placing such and importance on this life and world.
You told me through the bible that I must die to this world so that I may gain eternal life through you. I’m trying, HOLY SPIRIT please come because I can not do this alone.


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