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Note: Spent the last 3 days in Hollywood California. Lots of tourist, lots of traffic, lots of sights, sounds. The thoughts of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Walt Disney and his Wonderful World of Color. As a child I always thought of this world of” The  Big Screen” and T.V. as some special world out side of our real world, like the ” Wizard of Oz “.
I never thought I would some day be standing in the front of a sound stage on the lot of Universal Studios and have Japanese tourist taking pictures of me.
Guess I should go back some in time to let others catch up if they are to read this.
I have been in the California Fire Service for 30 years. If you have read anything of Johnny’s Journey you know that it has been a long and hard 30 years.
About a year ago I decided ( with GOD’S help ) to retire but the thought of having nothing (as exciting as the fire service) to do with my time disturbed me–A LOT !
But GOD had a plan!
One of my medic’s has a daughter that is an actress with agent and they need some help.
” See if some of the firemen at the station would like to make some extra money for the night as extras in a commercial?”
After that one soul stirring evening of being under the lights and in front of the camera I was hooked.
It started as that extra spot for a commercial, lead to a documentary that is seen in schools across the nation. Next was a made for T.V. movie playing what else–a firefighter.
Then I got to play ” Sheriff Jim” in a horror movie ( my first real role with dialogue) and then a small part in another movie and now I’m at Universal Studios for a part in another commercial to be seen around the world.
So what is so amazing about all this is the fact that I have never had and interest in drama, theater or entertainment industry and I am as much an extrovert as a rock.
I feel completely out of my element with no control and totally at the mercy of GOD.
AAAHHHHHHHH ! That’s why it’s worked so well–I have given up control of my life to my higher power, the MOST HIGH GOD – JESUS.
Now HE leads me along a path into a future I do not know.
So I thought I had better start a diary to log this strange journey into parts unknown so as to keep me focused on the real world of GOD and not on ” Oz”. Till next time–GOD Bless.

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