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Something is happening to this country here in the US, and probably all over the modern world. I say the modern world because a big part of what is happening is an overall selfishness that comes from over consumption. No realĀ  in-depth study has ever been completed to see the correlation between the rise and fall of each major civilization to the amount of consumption by the ending populace of each. Therefore, it is clearly speculation when I say that the indicators of a civilization in trouble begin with the amount of “stuff” that a civilization “believes” it needs to maintain basic life.

We are creating, buying and consuming items that satisfy no real need for good living, however, these items are causing great problems to our environment and health; as well as to the environment and health to the poor people who are making these items. The list of these items are as long as the oldest blogs on the Web and to make a list would certainly miss an item or two. By the time a complete list was made it would be missing all the latest items that were created during the making of the list! We all know of items in our homes that qualify for this list such as Styrofoam anything.

JAMES 3:16

“For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.”

The Word of God is full of great insights regarding selfless living and selfishness. In regards to food– Proverbs 11:26; land–Isaiah 5:8; total disregard for others–Ezekiel 34:18; neglecting the needy–Matthew 25:43. If only we would adhere to the excellent advice that the Bible provides each generation. It would save this planet and all on it from so much destruction and agony. Of course, everyone is aware of the counterfactual argument about my grandmother becoming my grandfather, although it would have been nice to have my grandmother’s disposition within my grandfather’s authority, chances are more than likely that any positive changes with my grandmother would come with less than positive results.

This world was designed just as Mr. Einstein had predicted–contrary to those of the quantum theory persuasion–with rules and regulations that cannot be ignored or side-stepped. I will not be surprised that as they learn more about quantum mechanics they will see the necessary design in the chaos of even the minuscule world.

I believe that it is this generation–those of you under thirty–that will begin to turn this planet around. It has been done before in various ways and with each, the following generations did not have the necessary zeal to keep the momentum and the movement always ended as the last. This time will be different in that it will include education that penetrates to the farthest generations.

We believe!


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