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Cepher is Hebrew For Book

Ecclesiastes 12:12

Ecclesiastes 12:12

Two years ago my brother and I felt a great desire to write a book for God. Not unlike a few billion other followers of  God. So what we did was pray and wait for God to lead us into our desire. Our desire was secondary to His hand being completely in control of our direction. The first thing that occurred inside our waiting was an event that would have worried us had we not known God was in complete control of our lives. That event was the company my daughter worked for closed its doors. Before they stopped functioning they gave her a great severance package that included an outstanding computer at an unbelievably low price that we could afford, and with that, the possibility of sharing our thoughts of God with you.

I have had a desire to create a web page for over a decade, and when we got started here at WordPress we went through every title that we had ever thought of and the only one that would apply was “Book”. It was very clear that God was allowing us to write our book for Him. We prefer to believe that this is God’s blog just as the Bible is His Book written by His servants. We want more than anything else on earth to give God our very souls to live through us for His glory, and allow His grace to cover all we meet.

We have surrendered our lives to our Messiah hoping His Blessed Holy Spirit will completely control our every thought and desire. While we wait upon the Lord we have been studying to prove ourselves onto God–me, for the last fifteen years, and my brother for the last two years. It is a process that we would like to share with all of you while we learn to walk with our Messiah.

In the five-plus decades that my brother and I have both spent on this earth we have learned that completely surrendering our life to the Messiah has not only been the greatest thing to happen to us, but it is the only way to get through life with hope, understanding, peace and justice, in this day and age.


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