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How Great is Our God?

I had the opportunity about a year ago to watch a great DVD that addresses this very question of our God’s greatness and would like to share it with all who have yet to see it. You can watch parts of it at You Tube or can you purchase it at various sites on-line or elsewhere for about twelve bucks which is what I suggest that you do. Because it is imperative that we support all who march to the obedience of our Messiah, and Louie Giglio certainly seems to do just that.

This week’s scripture in Passion Journey is based on this same concept, and I encourage all of you to check out the links in that page.

I have had a relatively difficult life in the past decades that I have spent here on earth without God as my Father. The years I have spent without my Lord have been extremely costly to me and my family, and yet through it all God has been holding me together. The fact that God has allowed me to come to Him and find my true purpose is the reason I can believe Him to comfort anyone who comes to Him. It took me fifty years to find God even though I found Him the very day I began to look for Him.

Please do not wait .


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