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I just thought I would read through the blog today cause I sometimes learn a great deal from my little brother, and he will post things and not tell me for several days.
You see we are close but sometimes he will do his things and I will do mine.
He  writes different, believes a little different than me and his thinking is at a lot higher intelligence than mine but that’s of GOD – we are all different.
There are times we see eye to eye, times we have to work to come to terms with each other,and times when we just grin and tolerant one another.
But is that not what life with others is all about??
Is that not what JESUS preached? Don’t judge, humble yourself and put others first, love one another. But do we truly live this way?
Interesting to see how from child to adult we are not wired that way. We want things our way–“Our Right to Our Self!” Watch a small child at play with another child when one decides to not share a toy. Or for that matter , same scenario but two married adults.
Not very pleasant at times.
My dear wife Katie is a very loving and giving person. I have known this for years and try to reciprocate as much as I can. However I find it difficult to remain loving at all times.
JESUS said I should, my heart said I should and even my wife said I should, BUT I DON’T!
Because I want life and marriage ( relationships ) my way on my terms.
That’s why I’m on second base so much. I do the same thing with GOD.
GOD needs to be GOD in my life BUT I’m sitting on the throne.
I am so thankful that my wife and my kids and my GOD are so loving and tolerant.
I told you that I was learning and growing at a slow but steady pace. I know that someday I will be at home plate by the grace of GOD, but for now I’m on second.
How about you?? Have you surrendered to JESUS the Messiah??
I mean really surrendered, to step off the throne of your life and ask GOD to take over.
It truly is the only way.
My brother posted a piece ” How Bad is It ? ” He mentions a “grassroots movement” to help change things in the world. This movement most likely will be a small fragment, a surviving trace of the TRUE WAY. “A REMNANT,”
as mentioned in scripture ( Is. 10:21,,Rom. 11:5,,I Kings 19:10-18 ) those who do not bow down to the religious and political mentality of this world, BUT truly seek GOD in spirit.
This is best stated in II Chronicles 7:14 ” If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”
When we have the right relationship with GOD we will then be able to truly love one another and change this world, GOD’S way!
Are you part of GOD’S Remnant or the world’s ruin??
I’m going with GOD —- HIS team wins !!!



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