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How often do you read the Bible?

Some may think that it is none of my business how often someone reads the Bible, and they would be absolutely right. It is none of my business, yet that is not the primary reason why I placed this poll on the blog, nor why I am publishing this post. I do wish more would read the Word of God, and thought that this would be one way of bringing the Bible to people’s thoughts.

So if it offends you that I ask, please forgive me.

Though I have no right to know how much others read the Bible, I am curious to see if people are reading less of the Bible than fifty years ago. Something very dynamic changed within the US society around the middle of the twentieth century. That change came from something far deeper than the Viet Nam War; assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK; Dr. Spock’s rearing advice; Watergate or the general cynicism toward government. All of these were symptoms of this underlying cause and together further exacerbated the change, but the actual true cause is unknown to science and academia.

Of course, along with so many other people, I have an opinion; however, mine has to do with the loss of faith. In the fifties many of those who had experienced the war with its horrible atrocities had an understandably substantial loss of faith in humanity and most other things. To survive, most tried to bury their memories by focusing on building a better life for themselves and their loved ones. With innocent motives this eventually turned into the consumption society that we have today.

Indeed, this is an extremely simplified general version of this theory. Although simple it is, it is no less plausible than any other possibility, and that is why I ask if you are reading the Bible. Because I know of no other piece of literature that can induce hope in ones life as effectively as the Word of God. Certainly there are other avenues, though I have found them lacking at one point or another. Therefore, I can recommend only one thing for hopelessness.

A little something to help you on your journey for more hope in your life–Bible Readings


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