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Check out the news about Geothermal Energy that has been floating in the back pages of the media. Since December 2006 when a geothermal energy drilling project in Switzerland set off a 3.7 earthquake along with three other 3 plus quakes and 3500 after-shocks for about a year, it has been well accepted that such activity will result in quakes. According to an article I read this morning in the news paper, Steven E. Koonin, the under-secretary for science at the Energy Department said the earthquake issue was new to him; though his department approved a geothermal drilling at of all places–just north of San Francisco!

Like so many of us today even our government officials find it difficult at best to stay on top of all the issues involving their area of expertise. If our government officials cannot keep up with how rapidly things change and how much information one is exposed to, how can anyone keep up? That is why I am so glad to have God at my side.

God shelters us from harm through His wisdom. However, it is up to us to follow that wisdom or not. When we do not follow His wisdom and things blow-up in our faces the first thing many people do is blame God for the explosion. “Why would God allow something like this to happen?” An analogy would be to blame the guy that started a campfire because you burned your hand when you tried to pick up a burning coal that you were told not to touch. The fire provides warmth, the capability for food and drinking water, along with protection; yet because of someone doing something very ignorant it puts having a campfire in jeopardy.


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