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How bad is it?

Very few Americans have the capacity any more to truly see the hazards in the roadway we are currently traveling on. The lack of attention has little to do with a lack of intelligence, but a lot to do with a lack of time to research enough information to put things into perspective. Of course, the lack of concern for anything but our own private lives does contribute to this lack of awareness. Finally, the feeling of hopelessness keeps many from even trying.

With two wars, a bankrupt economy, a government controlled by special interest, and a society of people so selfish that to them unity is something that only happens in Third World countries; it is no wonder that few here in California have taken notice that once all the funding cuts have closed or severely reduced law enforcement agencies, along with all the cuts to education, this state will have more criminals and gang members than cops and teachers.

I am not a highly educated sociologist, however, it would appear that when you reduce law enforcement and education within a state that already suffers from extreme crime, over crowded confinement institutions (that will also be forced to free thousands more criminals and gang members before their terms are complete) and the lack of educated citizens, that might be a bad thing.

From what I have been able to research, it seems that California is not unique in this situation–just leading the way. With each new state finding itself in the same financial, societal and moral condition that California finds itself today, this country will feel a tightening that will exacerbate the existing conditions until they finally compress society to the extent of explosion. No common sense is needed to feel the stress that this country is already under. The question is how much more can it take?

I am not advocating for law enforcement, though I retired from law enforcement; nor am I advocating for teachers, though my daughter is one. I am pleading for common sense to reveal to all how much trouble we are really dealing with when you consider that once you take the funds from the wrong places, the problems that already exist will continue along with the new problems that will appear from the lack of funds.

Does law enforcement need all the money that it gets? No, and neither does education, however, every institution that this country now has is in need of severe adjustment. That does not mean that you begin with the two most important institutions a society needs for a stable future. This is not a problem that our government can fix–alone. This problem can only be solved through a massive grassroots movement that sincerely desires what is best for all society.

This is in no way a prophetic statement, although, it is a common sense assessment of just how bad it is.


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