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Johnny’s Journey IV

Last time I failed to mention why I had been sent back to second base.
On my way to third I got wrapped up in my self pity over the pain in my back, and had to go back and reflect awhile. The Lord is always reminding me – ” There are those worse off then you, you live with physical pain for a short time, some live with it a lifetime!”
I know this is true, but when you are hurting or very tired or lonely it has a way of draining the life out of you and you do not reason well. I know we are to draw upon the power of the Holy Spirit but I want a quick fix now. When it does not happen in my time frame I’m upset just like a small child. Although, like a small child we are to go to our Father when we are hurting physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know this also, however, in the past when I was hurting I would try to take comfort in any form that would dull the pain immediately.

Wine, women and song; if the wine did not do the trick then vodka, if not that, then drugs. If one women was not enough, how about two? And what is your song?
That tune that plays inside your head that drowns out the words of reason and wisdom.
Food, fame, fortune, there are so many things in the world today that compete with the voice of God. We all have something that we turn to when we hurt.
Trouble is, there is nothing this side of heaven that can help. We must seek our Father for His love, comfort, and His healing. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would come to comfort.
After so many years of hurt and failure I have finally surrendered to the Holy Spirit and with time and God’s grace I someday will never venture away from His side.

But at times I still , like Esau , am impatient and immature in my reasoning, also impulsive and not in-tune to the things of God as Jesus was, but I am in-tune to the world. I think, say and do things I later regret. Esau lost his birthright, but not us, we can have the birthright of a child of God through the atonement of Jesus the Messiah.
So if you are like me, hurt, confused, frustrated with life at times, then let us go to the Father by way of the blood of Jesus the Messiah and stay in His presence for awhile ( maybe a long while ) ’till the hurt goes away.
And if you are in need of fellowship please write ( just click on comments ) because I truly believe that as we share and bond together in this journey, the Lord will work for the benefit of  all who truly seek Him.

‘Till next time God Bless  : John.


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